She treated me to her sexual innuendo…

She wanted to sign the walls of my labyrinth so she could never get lost any time she wanted to find the path to my core which was more like the Labyrinth of Minos. In addition  to, she wanted me to make her whole body a Manuscript. She taught my mouth all her favorite places and she got me addicted to the sounds of her ‘BLESS ME’ as I surpassed all her zones till I almost forgot my surname.

I have to admit i had a fetish to her body she would stand on the lamp light except for her cotton black embroidered cotton stockings which were held up by elastic bands around the thighs, unzip my fly take out ‘Mr Willy’ The one thing different from before was that she did not take off her own clothing. I would try to move, but it felt as if my body were tied down by invisible threads. I felt myself growing big and hard inside her mouth. I would see her fake eyelashes and curled hair tips moving. Her bracelets made a dry sound against each other. Her tongue was long and soft and seemed to wrap itself around me…

“Are we just gonna keep on doing this over and over again?” she broke out

“As long as it keeps you happy”

“I don’t want it no more?” she insisted

“Are you sure? I know you don’t mean the words you said to me”

I moved closer to her and with one hand grabbed her ass and pushed her forward to lean on me

“Do you want to leave this tasty and sensual touches and tender kisses… come here,” I pushed her more closer to the core till she could feel the length and level of my arousal,  brutal.

She clearly knew how to pick coconuts from my tree, her diamond shaped tummy; petite ass; banana breasts; alluring or should I say mellifluous lips were a clear turn on I would consequently roll my tongue all through from the nape of her neck, whisper sweet-nothings into her ear and bite the lobe of her ear, she would gasp as I plundered her soft ‘yellow’ skin with my tongue… I drove the tongue inside her and she set off to another one of her shattering moans that was Music to my ear. She was quite an instrument to play so finely tuned and if touched right she made the most glorious sounds – raw, intense, absolutely delicious noises of pleasure. She held my hair and pulled me closer to her as I’d ordered her. I thrust one finger into her crooking it and hitting the right spot that turned to a high-pitched orgasm. She shuddered against me, her legs quaking and when i finally slowed down to look up at her, her hair was a wild tumble and her face glowed.

“On a second thought… I… really want this” she finally managed to utter.

I know too well I am not more of Nolan Keats who inspired the series Submission but I tried.







The Easter holidays are here with us… Apparently, I do not follow some religious dogma. Neither is it because of my faith nor am I insinuating that i am an atheist. Anyway, that is a topic for another day.

So this being my first blog post I am basically tying this out. What I know is as time goes by I will get the hang of it hopefully.

Through this blog i hope to;

  1. Inspire young souls
  2. Make a difference in our society
  3. Connect with other people
  4. Have fun and be creative
  5. To share my knowledge with you
  6. Building relations
  7. Create an online empire that will involve persons from different countries

Welcome to my journey based on different aspects of life  in our day to day activities.

I have been thinking of writing a blog over the past 5 years, I wake up every morning telling myself I am a good writer, I remember my teacher back in Primary School who caned me thoroughly a total of 10 strokes of the cane for getting 26 out of a possible 40, Apparently I was the only one who was caned… to make matters worse I had lead in that essay writing. I am not bragging or something neither am I  suggesting I  am too old since I was living in an era that supported corporal punishment.

Today, however I resorted to start a blog and at least spread the gospel of the “10 strokes of the cane” Here i am with a laptop and a blank screen and viewers out there waiting to see what i write, critics to criticize. It is really not that easy to write I have been up close to 8 hours writing and deleting other contents because I have to give out a fathomable content, but thenThe scariest moment is  always just before you start – STEPHEN KING”

Since its the first blog I will give a small advice to all those writers out there… In as much as I am an amateur or new to this… Believe in yourself  – start blogs they are not for anyone are they?

LOUIS L’ ARMOUR – Start writing no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on”

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I believe this is a motivation enough that will make you have a different perception towards writing

I hope you enjoy it.

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Through the phases of life, I could not differentiate between love and lust not even now… I just cannot… not even INFATUATION which come on strong and then get forgotten along the way. I consoled myself at a tiny age that she would still come back to me, she would always say “We belong together, we have got a bright future, baby” All in vain i guess.

We were high and now I am sober We were young and now I am older We were lovers for the first time and running all the red lights and the Middle finger was our Peace sign We were sipping on emotion smoking and inhaling every moment It was reckless and I owned it. We were lovers on a wild ride speeding for the finish line Come until the end of our time characterized by a lot of small demons.

We would sit by the cliffs and watch over the entire city and make promises… endless promises of how much in love we both were and how we would pull this “love” off we would consequently get lost in the conversations and forget the hours passing by. Playing tic-tac-toe drawn on the ground and the signature ‘bhajia’ costing a shilling  to finish off the day. These moments of exhilaration remain fully etched in my mind like it was yesterday.

“I am just trying to find myself and I need to be alone to do that…” she broke out one evening when we had reached our (or is it my favorite lonely spot currently…) Immediately I knew this was a presage of what was about to go down. Acting impeccant trying to conceal the bare truth, “Baby, What do you mean?” i asked. Her gaze sharp as if lined with shards of glass around the edges, “I need to know what its like not to have you in my life” She dared not talking again…  the calculating coldness at the center drew me in betraying the moment.

I sat there lost and stared at her walking away, I had no words to clearly say, well… i tried but words couldn’t just come out, I got lost in deep thought watching the encroaching storm clouds. My heartbeat quickened to match the pace of the wind chimes that grew more frantic with each second. And the gusts raced past me with fragments of our dying love ‘or so it was’ running in my mind with a speed Grant Gustin (in the hit series “The Flash”) could not keep up with.

She had suddenly gone in a jiffy…

I am left disconsolately sniveling and staring at space as if you are going to fly back from moon or something.

Rest in Oblivion.