The Easter holidays are here with us… Apparently, I do not follow some religious dogma. Neither is it because of my faith nor am I insinuating that i am an atheist. Anyway, that is a topic for another day.

So this being my first blog post I am basically tying this out. What I know is as time goes by I will get the hang of it hopefully.

Through this blog i hope to;

  1. Inspire young souls
  2. Make a difference in our society
  3. Connect with other people
  4. Have fun and be creative
  5. To share my knowledge with you
  6. Building relations
  7. Create an online empire that will involve persons from different countries

Welcome to my journey based on different aspects of life  in our day to day activities.

I have been thinking of writing a blog over the past 5 years, I wake up every morning telling myself I am a good writer, I remember my teacher back in Primary School who caned me thoroughly a total of 10 strokes of the cane for getting 26 out of a possible 40, Apparently I was the only one who was caned… to make matters worse I had lead in that essay writing. I am not bragging or something neither am I  suggesting I  am too old since I was living in an era that supported corporal punishment.

Today, however I resorted to start a blog and at least spread the gospel of the “10 strokes of the cane” Here i am with a laptop and a blank screen and viewers out there waiting to see what i write, critics to criticize. It is really not that easy to write I have been up close to 8 hours writing and deleting other contents because I have to give out a fathomable content, but thenThe scariest moment is  always just before you start – STEPHEN KING”

Since its the first blog I will give a small advice to all those writers out there… In as much as I am an amateur or new to this… Believe in yourself  – start blogs they are not for anyone are they?

LOUIS L’ ARMOUR – Start writing no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on”

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I believe this is a motivation enough that will make you have a different perception towards writing

I hope you enjoy it.

Read on>> On my next article>> WHY ARE PARENTS SO ANNOYING


Hi, I hope you enjoyed my last blog.

“Did you go to church yesterday?” that is the first question she asks when I help her with her luggage from Mombasa. Why does she have to be so annoying? I mean, I know really good that on Saturdays I am to go to church but does she have to, really? My mum can be so annoying at times… I think… NO… I know by the end of the blog Many of the teens will agree with me but the elder people will curse this… #justsaying

I am not really hating my parents PS I really love them so much but then, there are this times when Parents tend to be annoying too much especially when they have your cell phone numbers, they will tend to call anytime despite the fact that they know you are out and about. They will call anytime even if its to chat, I find it so annoying. “Where are you?” that is the first question they ask every time they call and  would want to send you to a certain place without even asking if you are available or not.

Parents again tend to befriend you on Facebook they will like all your pictures and status updates and even comment. Worst of all they will ask you to delete pictures that they THINK are not good. Stalk all the tagged pictures and then judge you from your kinds of friends. Thank God my parents are so 1950 that they cannot even use whats app for texting, I like it that way it gives me some sense of privacy and a little freedom

They will always blame your friends for all the things that have gone wrong somewhere, it is so annoying for parents to badmouth your friends… I find it weird, stupid and totally sick. We as youths really value our friends they mean too much to us and I just don’t understand why parents should do this.

“Because I said so” this statement has overly been used by parents. You want to go for an event and your parents say NO and when you ask them why, they give the same old cliche and a million reasons why you should not go or do.

Here are some of the most common things all parents tend to do;

When you say all the other kids are doing it or have it they tell you that you’re not other kids…but when they compare you to other people it’s okay. This is mostly done when one has failed in an exam or worse, when you have indulged in “Inappropriate Behavior” they will compare you to the kid in church who attends Morning and Afternoon services or some geek. It is so irritating.

When having an argument or just talking, they say you’re getting an attitude when it’s really just you trying to be neutral about it.

“Who are you texting?” Parents always want to know who you are always texting which is way sick… My parents always want to know who called if in case a call came through and I was in the living room.

They restrict my freedom; happens all the time From curfews to getting grounded out of ‘silly’ mistakes to reducing chat time with friends to not watching movies the list is endless

Your decisions don’t matter but theirs do… Let alone decisions but also suggestions are never taken into consideration. The worst thing however is that when they go wrong and you were right

Turning nothing into something My mother does this all the time. I make a simple statement and then she suddenly has an urge to turn it into some huge conversations about the meaning of life, or a life lesson, or something like that. CAN’T I JUST TALK!


In as much as parents are this “LAME” here are a few tips on how you can manage them at least:

  • Try a distraction… whenever you see they are confronting you too much or you have been pushed to your ‘breaking point’ Excuse yourself when overwhelmed with anger or text your best-friend or listen to music. This will prevent you from saying something to your mom or dad in the heat of the moment.

  • Keep cool, calm and collected do not be the mouthy one who will always say, “I do not even know why I even bother talking to you, You will never listen to what i have to say and I am tired of your stupid advice,” Never talk to them that rudely

  • Listen to them, this way they will know you really are getting this things and this time they are not going to yell at you because you really are listening to them.

  • Learn to compromise your situation do not be the one who feels intimidated all the time. “BUMPS ARE NEVER PLEASANT”

  • Learn to be sorry if you know you have done a particular mistake this way you will be a good kid

Parents know why they tell you all this NOT TO DO things, remember they were here long before you were born so take heed of there advices. BUT THEN THIS IS 2017…